Driveway cleaning York and Patio cleaning York

If your driveway or patio needs some attention to bring back that "just got laid look" then Johnsons Floor Care are here to help. Using high quality cleaning products and the latest high-tec, pressure washing equipment, dirt, moss and algae can be washed away quickly and efficiently. We provide one of the best pressure washing services in York and surrounding areas.

As well as offering a carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning service in York. I also offer driveway cleaning and patio cleaning service for domestic and commercial customers in York and surrounding area. I understand that your outdoor spaces need just as much if not a little more maintenance than your indoor space, mainly due to our varied weather. Your driveway and patio will no doubt become dirty, covered in weeds, moss and mud. Remember what your driveway and patio looked like when it was first installed? You’ll be amazed at the difference a clean with proper equipment and chemicals can achieve. Over time, any exterior surface like block paving driveway, concrete flags etc can visibly become a victim to dirt, moss and algae flourishing across the surface. Damp and wet conditions encourage this problem, making your driveway or patio look dull and unkempt.

I use a high quality professional pressure washing to offer a first class patio cleaning and driveway cleaning service in York and surrounding area. Using specialised cleaners and my professional high-tech jet washing equipment, I can deep clean your driveway, patio and block paving quickly and efficiently in York and surrounding area.

York driveway cleaning


Driveway cleaning

Over time, your driveway can start to look faded and dirty and can make your property look unsightly. As with any external surface exposed to the elements, over time weeds, moss, algae and lichen can flourish, causing them to look dirty and in the need of some attention. A freshly cleaned driveway can make an amazing difference to the overall look of your home. It brightens and smartens up the front of your house, giving the whole place a lift.

Block paving driveways, like any exterior surface will get dirty over time due to weather conditions and just general use. It also provides the perfect breeding ground for moss and weeds to grow making it one of the hardest types of driveways to maintain.

When cleaning block paving driveways, I will re-sand to replace the sand driven out while cleaning. I will carry out the re-sanding once the block paving has dried, this can be the next day if the rain stays off, I make this my priority to come back and re-sand.

driveway cleaning York


Patio cleaning

As your patio tends to be an area the whole family uses keeping it hazard free is essential, patio cleaning and maintenance will also prolong the life your patio. My aim when cleaning your patio is a simple one, I want you to look forward and be happy to walking outside onto your patio. Whether it's to enjoy a barbecue and glass of wine to play with your children or pets. A dirty patio is not a pleasant place to sit and can be a dangerous slip hazard when the patio surface gets slippery in the wet winter months.

I also offer a soft wash patio cleaning service in York and surrounding area. With the same equipment I use to clean interior tiled floors, on patios that have problems with loose pointing this technique will minimise any damage or removal of pointing that is not in good condition.

The black dirt and spots on your patio is a type of lichen, a living mould that grows and spreads. Pressure washing alone will not remove it, it needs chemically removing which will kill the mould and stop it from spreading. Patio sealing is an important option to consider. Patio cleaning and sealing will prolong the life of your patio especially if you have a natural stone, such as Sandstone or York-stone.

patio cleaning York

Driveway cleaning York and Patio cleaning York and surrounding area