I try my best to make this process as easy and seamless for you as I can. It's my aim to get in and do the job efficiently with as minimal interruption to your day as possible. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions I receive almost everyday.

What payment methods do you take?

I accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard and Mestro.

Do you have a minimum charge?

My minimum charge is £50.00

What about drying times?

Using professional cleaning techniques, I can achieve excellent results without over wetting the carpets, I would recommend you open all windows front and back to allow air to circulate in the rooms, depending on the level of soil in the carpet will depend on the amount of water used to rinse. On average carpets it takes about 5 hours to dry, upholstery can take longer.

Do you move furniture?

I ask if any breakables be removed from the rooms I will be working in. Movable objects like plant pots, nest and coffee tables and ornaments would need to also be removed. If heavy objects like beds and sofas need moving please let me know before I arrive, in most cases we don’t charge extra to move furniture.

How often should my carpets be cleaned?

Good question and one I am often asked. The short answer and the one recommended by most carpet manufacturers is at least once every year and no more than eighteen months. Cleaning your carpets more frequently is recommended if you have children, pets, allergies, or a busy household.

Is it true that once you have your carpet cleaned they get dirtier again more quickly?

Years ago when cleaning by shampoo was the normal way to clean or people using DIY carpet cleaning machines themselves, this is true. But however the chemicals and cleaning machines are much more sophisticated these days therefore (providing the carpet cleaning is carried out correctly) rapid re-soiling shouldn’t take place.

How long does the cleaning process take?

The time that carpet cleaning takes will vary from customer to customer, and will depend on how much furniture there is to move and the soiling/staining of the carpet.

Will all the stains come out?

In many cases most of the stains will be removed from the carpet during the cleaning process. Although some stains may need more specialist treatment to remove them. In some circumstances, it may be impossible to remove a stain from the carpet.

Will my carpet shrink?

Some carpets are prone to shrinkage. I have experience in spotting these carpets, and can take measures to prevent shrinkage.

What are those black lines around the baseboards and under doorways?

If you have light coloured carpet, you may have experienced these dark lines that appear on the carpet. This soiling is called filtration marks because it comes from air passing through the carpet as it is attempting to get through the crack between the carpet and the baseboard or under a closed door. As the air passes through the edge of the carpet pile, this microscopic soiling is deposited there (hence the term filtration marks). This occurs over a significant period of time and is not noticed until a build up has occurred.

This type of soiling is difficult to remove because the soil particles are so fine that they penetrate deep into the carpet pile, sometimes into the backing of the carpet. Can it be removed? Sometimes. With special products, time and effort, reasonable results can sometimes be achieved. To help prevent filtration marks, vacuum and wipe the edges of the carpets on a regular basis.

When can you come and clean them?

I’m flexible, if you have a day in mind please call and I’ll get you booked in. I can take bookings well in advance if it’s a end of tenancy clean to make sure you get the day you want.

Can I put my furniture back straight away?

Yes. I can provide you with foil pads so furniture does not mark your carpet

What is Rippling?

Rippling is where your carpet lifts to a ripple/wave effect, it very rarely happens but it is something that can't be predicted while cleaning the carpets. It normally happens within a couple of hours after the carpet has been cleaned. Common causes are:

1. Poor installation of carpets.

2. Moisture has expanded the carpet, this rectifies its self once normal humidity has been restored.  normally in 24-48 hours.


Can you remove pet hair?

The hot water extraction process will remove a considerable amount of pet hair, but I cannot guarantee removing it all. Only regular vacuuming will do this.

Will the backing of my carpet get wet during cleaning?

Absolutely not! During my cleaning process hot water is injected into the carpet fibres rinsing the carpet and removing all the sand, dust mites, pollen, dirt and other contaminants. Much of the moisture is removed by the powerful portable vacuum system and state of the art cleaning equipment I employ so the carpet is left slightly damp to the touch. Most carpets are dry in about 5 hrs depending on carpet type, humidity and air movement.


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